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Reshuffling the geopolitical order
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Reshuffling the geopolitical order

Granting emerging economic powers a greater role on the world stage too soon could weaken the international system that upholds democracy, human rights, nuclear nonproliferation and environmental protection.

Santos’ great challenge
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Santos’ great challenge

JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA.- On Aug. 7, Juan Manuel Santos will take office as the new president of Colombia. He will do so after eight years of Alvaro Uribe’s popular, effective and controversial mandate…

Assault on the OAS
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Assault on the OAS

JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA.- These last few weeks have been unfortunate for Latin America. In addition to the massive earthquakes that struck Haiti and Chile, the region has also been shaken by a hunger-strike death in Cuba …

Engaging Cuba on Human Rights
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Engaging Cuba on Human Rights


Normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba was widely seen as exactly the kind of high-value, low-hanging fruit that would be ideal for a president elected under the banner of “change.”

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Where Cuba Doesn’t Belong

In 1962, at a special meeting of the Organization of American States, the Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este became famous for something more than just luxury condos, restaurants and hotels, and catering to the Argentine aristocracy during the holiday sea

The right deal on Cuba
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The right deal on Cuba

Despite the rhetoric and the photo-ops, the Trinidad Summit of the Americas postponed any real discussion of U.S. policy toward Cuba. In the U.S., the extremist embargo has been a sop to the right-wing and Florida electorate. But in countries like Mexico,

Newsweek, Otros Artículos

Latin America’s Deafening Silence

To the myriad foreign challenges Barack Obama will have to confront upon taking office we may have to add a complex conundrum next door in Latin America. On three fronts that have posed serious problems for the United States before, there is a growing and

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Estado de los Derechos Humanos en Venezuela

Como si Hugo Chávez no contara ya con suficientes problemas -la caída del precio del petróleo, la expulsión del embajador de Estados Unidos en Venezuela, y la del venezolano en Washington, el registro de su país por cuarto año seguido en la lista negra no

Newsweek, Otros Artículos

Ending The Cuban Exception

The resignation of Fidel Castro from two of his three jobs in Cuba, together with the appointment of his brother as his successor, marks the end of an era—sort of. Raúl Castro replaced the elder Castro as president of the Councils of Ministers and of Stat

Newsweek, Otros Artículos

Mexico Goes to War

Felipe Calderon is on a roll these days. Mexico’s young president has an approval rating of between 57 percent and 68 percent, according to various polls: twice his score in last year’s election. The reason is his war on drugs, which has convinced most of

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Opinión internacional con Ciro Gómez Leyva

Aquí mi comentario con Ciro Gómez Leyva sobre el #TLCAN y la crisis en Turquía; vía Radio Fórmula 👇

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