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Mexico Goes to War

Felipe Calderon is on a roll these days. Mexico’s young president has an approval rating of between 57 percent and 68 percent, according to various polls: twice his score in last year’s election. The reason is his war on drugs, which has convinced most of

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¿Guerra contra el narcotráfico?

Como resultado de su experiencia en Vietnam, Colin Powell elaboró en vísperas de la Guerra del Golfo la doctrina que lleva su nombre. Tres tesis en particular se volvieron celebres y adquirieron carácter de dogma durante un decenio en el seno de las Fuerz

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The Moment of Truth

April 30, 2007 issue – The United States today is both closer to and farther than ever from enacting a major, substantive and cooperative immigration-reform bill. The emerging deal may address all the core issues: what to do about unauthorized workers alr

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In Search of Calderón

In style, at least, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón’s first 100 days have been a success, for reasons on display when he met President George W. Bush last week. Calderón runs a tight ship, speaking only under highly controlled circumstances. In fact, h

An Answer for Hugo Chávez
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An Answer for Hugo Chávez

MEXICO CITY — Each stop on President Bush’s upcoming swing through Latin America has its own mini-agenda: ethanol and the Doha round with Brazil; a Trade Framework Agreement in Uruguay; Plan Colombia and drug enforcement in Bogotá; immigration and securi

México y América Latina
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México y América Latina

En tiempos recientes han proliferado las voces en México y en América Latina según las cuales México antes ocupaba una posición mucho más cercana a la región, y los vínculos culturales, lingüísticos, religiosos entre México y América Latina antes eran más

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Chávez Lives Castro’s Dream

Fidel Castro used his reappearance on TV late last month to show that his health has finally improved. But he also carefully staged the event to send a serious message to the world. He could have had himself filmed alongside his family or his brother and

Mexico needs to be freed from unhealthy monopolies
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Mexico needs to be freed from unhealthy monopolies

Felipe Calderón, Mexico’s new president, kicked off his domestic policy agenda by launching military campaigns against drug lords and violence in Michoacán and along the US border, in Tijuana. The winner of last year’s election – if only by a hair-thin ma

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A Blessedly Boring Year

In the last year or so, 11 Latin American countries held presidential elections. Citizens in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela all went to the polls. The confluence of so many elections was

Looking for the Future
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Looking for the Future

Mexico’s amazingly close 2006 presidential election has already become the object of much written analysis and even more speculation. Many have discussed what the 2006 election was “really” about and which policies are likely to be implemented over the c

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Opinión internacional con Ciro Gómez Leyva

Aquí mi comentario con Ciro Gómez Leyva sobre el #TLCAN y la crisis en Turquía; vía Radio Fórmula 👇

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