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Even democracies are disgruntled now
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Even democracies are disgruntled now

In 2011 and 2012, tens of thousands of students demonstrated in Santiago, Chile, demanding greater access to higher education. Earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians marched in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte, calling for imp

Latin King
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Latin King

Despite the dreams and expectations of democrats the world over, the era of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela did not come to an end on Oct. 7. The ailing President was re-elected, for the third time, to a new six-year term, which, if he serves it out, will have k

Santos’ great challenge
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Santos’ great challenge

JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA.- On Aug. 7, Juan Manuel Santos will take office as the new president of Colombia. He will do so after eight years of Alvaro Uribe’s popular, effective and controversial mandate…

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The Danger Across the Border

From the magazine issue dated Feb 2, 2009
Over the past several weeks Mexicans have become obsessed with what they believe is an American obsession that Mexico has become or could be on the way to becoming a “failed state.” It began with a highly critical

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2 years ago
TLC: ¿ya mero?

Hoy en #Amarres escribo “TLC: ¿ya mero?”; vía EL FINANCIERO👇

Jorge G. Castañeda opina que, en la negociación del TLCAN, la parte mexicana ha procurado siempre mostrar tramposamente la mejor cara para proteger el tipo de cambio.

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