Mexican Voters Chose Populism Over Democracy

Claudia Sheinbaum’s landslide victory in this week’s presidential election raises significant concerns about the future of Mexico’s young democracy. If she pursues outgoing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s electoral and judicial reforms, she will effectively eliminate Mexico’s remaining checks and balances.

Mexico’s Democracy Is at Stake in 2024

Over the course of two centuries of independence, Mexico has elected its leaders democratically on only four occasions. Whether the presidential election in June will be fair and free is questionable, given that the playing field is heavily tilted in favor of the ruling party’s candidate.

La sombra de Allende en el Chile de hoy

Conmemorar un golpe de Estado puede ser difícil, sobre todo en América Latina, donde los golpes y los caudillos militares que suelen venir a continuación han sido cosa frecuente. El levantamiento del 11 de septiembre de 1973 que derrocó al presidente democráticamente electo de Chile Salvador Allende podría pasar por uno entre tantos.

Allende’s Shadow in Today’s Chile

Commemorating a coup d’état can be difficult, especially in Latin America, where coups, and the military caudillos that often follow, have been commonplace. The September 11, 1973, putsch that overthrew the democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende could be considered one of many.

Colombia Turns Left

Jun 24, 2022JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA At a time of deep frustration with the status quo, the reasons for Gustavo Petro’s victory in Colombia’s presidential runoff are not difficult to discern. But it is much less clear whether Petro will be able to implement his ambitious reform agenda. MEXICO CITY – Gustavo Petro, a veteran left-wing… Seguir leyendo Colombia Turns Left

The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Dec 22, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA In Caracas, Havana, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, the standard-bearers of Latin America’s radical left have celebrated the result of Chile’s presidential election, apparently viewing the millennial leftist as one of them. But they might end up being disappointed. MEXICO CITY – Chile has long been something of a bellwether… Seguir leyendo The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Latin America’s Summer of Discontent

The assassination of Haiti’s president and protests in Cuba this month are in line with a long tradition of summertime crises in the Caribbean. But this year’s political unrest is likely to have more far-reaching effects than previous bouts of instability. MEXICO CITY – In the Caribbean, summer is when things happen. As the weather heats… Seguir leyendo Latin America’s Summer of Discontent

The Post-Pandemic Safety Net

Apr 5, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a rebirth of Keynesianism and the welfare state in Western Europe, Japan, Canada, and parts of Latin America, and changed the terms of US debate in ways that previously seemed almost unthinkable. Three examples show how the narrative is changing. MEXICO CITY – With the… Seguir leyendo The Post-Pandemic Safety Net