Colombia Turns Left

Jun 24, 2022JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA At a time of deep frustration with the status quo, the reasons for Gustavo Petro’s victory in Colombia’s presidential runoff are not difficult to discern. But it is much less clear whether Petro will be able to implement his ambitious reform agenda. MEXICO CITY – Gustavo Petro, a veteran left-wing… Seguir leyendo Colombia Turns Left

The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Dec 22, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA In Caracas, Havana, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, the standard-bearers of Latin America’s radical left have celebrated the result of Chile’s presidential election, apparently viewing the millennial leftist as one of them. But they might end up being disappointed. MEXICO CITY – Chile has long been something of a bellwether… Seguir leyendo The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Latin America’s Summer of Discontent

The assassination of Haiti’s president and protests in Cuba this month are in line with a long tradition of summertime crises in the Caribbean. But this year’s political unrest is likely to have more far-reaching effects than previous bouts of instability. MEXICO CITY – In the Caribbean, summer is when things happen. As the weather heats… Seguir leyendo Latin America’s Summer of Discontent

The Post-Pandemic Safety Net

Apr 5, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a rebirth of Keynesianism and the welfare state in Western Europe, Japan, Canada, and parts of Latin America, and changed the terms of US debate in ways that previously seemed almost unthinkable. Three examples show how the narrative is changing. MEXICO CITY – With the… Seguir leyendo The Post-Pandemic Safety Net

Sin título

From Riots to Reform in America Jun 3, 2020JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA Mass protests and rioting following the killing of yet another African-American by a white police officer have compounded multiplying crises in the United States. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, a looming economic depression, and persistent racism, the American social contract has never been in more… Seguir leyendo Sin título

Latin America’s Critical Election

Mar 12, 2020 JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA The Organization of American States has come to play a pivotal role in Latin America, including by monitoring elections, defending human rights, and isolating authoritarian regimes. As a result, the OAS’s upcoming election of a secretary general is one of the most important in its 72-year history. MEXICO CITY –… Seguir leyendo Latin America’s Critical Election

Is America Ready for a Welfare State?

Jorge G. Castañeda Several leading Democratic candidates in the 2020 US presidential race favor introducing elements of a modern welfare state in health care, childcare, and education. Whether a Democrat wins or loses in 2020, social democracy has re-emerged in American politics for the first time since the 1930s. MEXICO CITY – As a foreigner… Seguir leyendo Is America Ready for a Welfare State?

Defending Democracy in the Americas

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration as president of Mexico will soon be followed by Jair Bolsonaro’s accession to the presidency of Brazil and US President Donald Trump’s completion of two years in office. In each case, a populist leader’s rise could have been prevented, which should serve as a lesson for democrats everywhere.

Justice or Democracy in Brazil?

Brazilian authorities have banned former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from running for reelection, owing to a corruption conviction. Unfortunately, this strict interpretation of a statute Lula himself signed could open the way for an election result that ultimately subverts the rule of law – and takes democracy down with it.