.:: Compañero Che Guevara ::.

Drawing from archives in Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and Russia, and interviewing Che Guevara’s associates and family, Jorge Castañeda has rescued Che from the mists of hippie mythology, Cuban hagiography and historical gloss.Castañeda provides a spellbinding account of Castro´s campaign ad defeat of Batista and Che’s emergence as an invaluable strategist and a leader respected for his egalitarian decency and honesty with his troops. This is both a reassessment of Che’s Career and an enlightened portrait of the man: his mother, his marriages, his narcissism, his wilful determination, his rage. Above all he emerges as an idealist of unique historic timing, who most closely embodied the deeper meaning of the 1968 student rising, whose last call for a modern Utopia still resonates at the close of a century bereft of Utopias.

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