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Newsweek, Otros Artículos

The Moment of Truth

April 30, 2007 issue – The United States today is both closer to and farther than ever from enacting a major, substantive and cooperative immigration-reform bill. The emerging deal may address all the core issues: what to do about unauthorized workers alr

Newsweek, Otros Artículos

Time to Step Up to the Plate

Later this month the U.S. Senate is likely to begin one of its most frustrating and recurrent exercises—and at the same time one of its most important deliberations, at least for nations in the Western Hemisphere. The Judiciary and Foreign Relations commi

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2 years ago
TLC: ¿ya mero?

Hoy en #Amarres escribo “TLC: ¿ya mero?”; vía EL FINANCIERO👇

Jorge G. Castañeda opina que, en la negociación del TLCAN, la parte mexicana ha procurado siempre mostrar tramposamente la mejor cara para proteger el tipo de cambio.

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