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An Answer for Hugo Chávez
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An Answer for Hugo Chávez

MEXICO CITY — Each stop on President Bush’s upcoming swing through Latin America has its own mini-agenda: ethanol and the Doha round with Brazil; a Trade Framework Agreement in Uruguay; Plan Colombia and drug enforcement in Bogotá; immigration and securi

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Chávez Lives Castro’s Dream

Fidel Castro used his reappearance on TV late last month to show that his health has finally improved. But he also carefully staged the event to send a serious message to the world. He could have had himself filmed alongside his family or his brother and

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A Blessedly Boring Year

In the last year or so, 11 Latin American countries held presidential elections. Citizens in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela all went to the polls. The confluence of so many elections was

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Hugo Faces His Toughest Test

Dec. 4, 2006 issue – Next Sunday Hugo Chávez will put his electoral charmed life on the line. Since 1998, when he was elected president of Venezuela in a landslide, he’s never lost a national vote. Chávez won re-election in 1999, won the referendum on the

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Latin America’s New Proxy War

Sept. 25, 2006 issue – The summit of nonaligned countries held last week in Havana was an occasion for all sorts of things: speculating on Fidel Castro’s health, supporting all the “worthwhile” causes in the world—from Iran’s nuclear program to Bolivia’s

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1 year ago
TLC: ¿ya mero?

Hoy en #Amarres escribo “TLC: ¿ya mero?”; vía EL FINANCIERO👇

Jorge G. Castañeda opina que, en la negociación del TLCAN, la parte mexicana ha procurado siempre mostrar tramposamente la mejor cara para proteger el tipo de cambio.

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