Calderon’s Drug War Comes Under Attack as Clinton Visits Mexico

THOMAS BLACK and VIOLA GIENGER.- Mexico’s drug-related violence is sparking demands that President Felipe Calderon drop his war on criminal gangs as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Mexico City to review the countries’ anti-drug strategy.

The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ a complete failure

MARIANA MARTÍNEZ.- There was never a spike in violence or a sharp increase in drug addiction in Mexico, guns are not, mainly, coming from the US — and traffic is not likely to stop –, and the infiltration of crime organizations in the Mexican government i

Mexico needs to be freed from unhealthy monopolies

Felipe Calderón, Mexico’s new president, kicked off his domestic policy agenda by launching military campaigns against drug lords and violence in Michoacán and along the US border, in Tijuana. The winner of last year’s election – if only by a hair-thin ma