Mexico Pursuing Vanished Victims of Its Drug Wars

Rosa González cannot shake the memory of the state investigator who was too afraid of reprisals to take a full report, the police officer who shrugged when the ransom demand came, the months of agonizing doubt and, most of all, the final words from her da

Mexico’s drug war: No sign of ligth at the end of the tunnel

Mexico is struggling to contain a war on drugs that has claimed more than 50,000 lives in less than six years.’s F. Brinley Bruton spoke to NBC News contributor Jorge Castañeda, who is a former Mexican foreign minister as well as a New York Univ

Mexico’s former foreign minister on the Mexico-Canada relationship

Jorge Castaneda, Mexico’s former foreign minister and a professor at New York University, talks to the Globe and Mail’s editorial board about Mexico’s drug war, the country’s upcoming election in 2012, and its relationship with Canada.