Biden Should Not Ignore Mexico’s Turn to Authoritarianism

April 30, 2021, 3:00 p.m. ET   By Jorge G. Castañeda Dr. Castañeda is a political scientist and a frequent commentator of U.S. relations with Mexico and Latin America. He was foreign minister of Mexico from 2000 to 2003. His most recent book is America Through Foreign Eyes. Leer en español MEXICO CITY — There is no… Seguir leyendo Biden Should Not Ignore Mexico’s Turn to Authoritarianism

The Post-Pandemic Safety Net

Apr 5, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a rebirth of Keynesianism and the welfare state in Western Europe, Japan, Canada, and parts of Latin America, and changed the terms of US debate in ways that previously seemed almost unthinkable. Three examples show how the narrative is changing. MEXICO CITY – With the… Seguir leyendo The Post-Pandemic Safety Net

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From Riots to Reform in America Jun 3, 2020JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA Mass protests and rioting following the killing of yet another African-American by a white police officer have compounded multiplying crises in the United States. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, a looming economic depression, and persistent racism, the American social contract has never been in more… Seguir leyendo Sin título