The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Dec 22, 2021JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA In Caracas, Havana, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, the standard-bearers of Latin America’s radical left have celebrated the result of Chile’s presidential election, apparently viewing the millennial leftist as one of them. But they might end up being disappointed. MEXICO CITY – Chile has long been something of a bellwether… Seguir leyendo The Battle for Boric’s Soul

Latin Americans Are Clamoring for Equality — and Democracy

Economic crisis and stagnation have sparked a wave of protest and a demand for more transparency and an efficient welfare state across the region. A sign carried by one of the more than a million Chileans demonstrating on Oct. 25 read: “Neoliberalism was born in Chile; it is dying in Chile.” You’d think the obituary… Seguir leyendo Latin Americans Are Clamoring for Equality — and Democracy

Defending Democracy in the Americas

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration as president of Mexico will soon be followed by Jair Bolsonaro’s accession to the presidency of Brazil and US President Donald Trump’s completion of two years in office. In each case, a populist leader’s rise could have been prevented, which should serve as a lesson for democrats everywhere.