The Regional Repercussions of Honduras’s Botched Election

Once again, a serious breach of representative democracy has occurred in Latin America. Despite all the regional legal tools that have been created in recent years, an unfair and scarcely free election was probably stolen, or at best, tainted to the point that the result cannot be considered reliable.

En política exterior, la postura de Piñera se acerca a la de Lagos

DANIEL LABARCA.- El analista y ex canciller mexicano Jorge Castañeda advierte que en los cinco meses de gobierno de Sebastián Piñera ya se advierten dos grandes cambios en política exterior. Uno es el reconocimiento del gobierno de Honduras.

How Chavez may have spoiled ousted Honduran leader’s return

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — An accidental betrayal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may have forced the ousted leader of this Central American nation to seek refuge in the Brazilian embassy here on Sept. 21 as world leaders gathered in New York for a Unite