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Mexico’s new president seeks fresh start on drug war with Obama
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Mexico’s new president seeks fresh start on drug war with Obama

President Barack Obama and Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto will meet to discuss the drug war—which has killed nearly ten times as many people as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined—among other issues, at the White House Tuesday.

Time for a reset in U.S.-Mexican relations
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Time for a reset in U.S.-Mexican relations

JORGE G. CASTAÑEDA.- Mexican President Felipe Calderón will make his first full-fledged visit to Washington this week since taking office 3 1/2 years ago. Given the issues facing their countries, Calderón and President Obama might be tempted to nickel-an

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Ending The Cuban Exception

The resignation of Fidel Castro from two of his three jobs in Cuba, together with the appointment of his brother as his successor, marks the end of an era—sort of. Raúl Castro replaced the elder Castro as president of the Councils of Ministers and of Stat

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No Need for Soul-Searching

June 19, 2006 issue – That Mexico has an election too close to call is in itself news: with the exception of the previous presidential vote in 2000, this has never happened before. Perhaps this is why it seems such a strange contest, and why the real cons

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1 year ago
TLC: ¿ya mero?

Hoy en #Amarres escribo “TLC: ¿ya mero?”; vía EL FINANCIERO👇

Jorge G. Castañeda opina que, en la negociación del TLCAN, la parte mexicana ha procurado siempre mostrar tramposamente la mejor cara para proteger el tipo de cambio.

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